Wednesday, May 26, 2010

so far so good

devo pose
We've made it to Oklahoma City for our visit with mrs. a-go-go's sister and kids and we'll be here through the weekend. Our posts and photo uploads may be a bit thin for a while. We have yet to work out an internet connection here so we're working through a borrowed machine.

Looking back on the first two and half weeks of travel I'd say things have been going quite well. We have been coming in under budget each week even with some unplanned motel stays thrown in. Rodney is holding up just dandy and has made no complaints. We've seen some wild variations in geology, road etiquette, and weather. Speaking of weather, so far, it too has been kind. The threat of tornadoes in in the plains seems to have abated for us, and the heat that I would expect this time of year has been mild. In the great WIDE of west Texas the ultra bright daylight was more trouble than the heat. We've been fortunate to visit with the most generous and enjoyable hosts, try some delightful chow, and have even had some very helpful motel clerks. We get punchy when we are tiered and we run into traffic (yes, the last couple of urban areas have actually thrown some traffic our way) but we have weathered the few snits in the car with no damage. AND I think I am really starting to like not having a job! HA!

OK folks, we'll post more soon, I promise, even if our family visit keeps us super busy the rest of the week. For now, I can only say so far so good, and if we can carry this momentum it will be a swell trip.


  1. My brother lives in Tulsa and my SIL and MIL live in OKC and Norman! So, Im excited to see photos of "the city" as we used to call it in HS. Glad to hear the tornadoes have chilled out for you. If you need a place to crash in Virginia, let me know...we're near the beach in SE VA. Happy travels!

  2. I have always found an afternoon scoop of ice cream to be the best antidote to the snippys. Thanks for sharing your fun with the home bound!

  3. So very very glad to hear this trip has been delightful. Good boy, Rodney! May the rest of your trip go even better. Be safe.



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