Wednesday, May 12, 2010

resting our weary heads

mr. a-go-go and i are camping out in a motel in williams, arizona that offers up train cars and cabooses for the night if you have the moolah. as much as we wish to, we simply don't so we're here in cabin 18 lazing about. i'm tip-typing away here in a very manic manner and the mister is crafting it up on the enormous bed with its faux patchworked bedspread.we're here because we originally planned to camp in the town of tusayan which is a hop and jump away from the entrance to the grand canyon. we planned to camp for two nights but it seems mother nature would rather we didn't. the temps here are freakishly cold for this time of year and the overnight lows are BELOW freezing and since we're not exactly cold weather birds, we're here in a little room surrounded by train cars and rvs.tomorrow however we DO plan to visit that great grand canyon and i for one and quite excited to see it!


  1. haven't been to the canyon since I was about 3. A place I do need to return to in my adulthood I think!


  2. LOVE that part of the world - have an awesome trip! If you head south and pass through Prescott, AZ (and you like beer) make sure you stop in to the brew pub on main street!

  3. So much fun!!! Love the pictures on Mrs. A Go-Go's Flickr... Be safe.

  4. So basically so far so good.... except for the bees (r.i.p.). Sounds like fun, sending mojo just in case. Be safe.



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