Sunday, May 16, 2010

lonely roads

long empty road
Just a thought... While we were driving to Amboy from Twenty-Nine Palms it occurred to me just how unusual (historically speaking) this trip is. Lots of people have made trips like this but only in the last, what... sixty years? has any of us wealthy (relative to the mass of the world population) weenies been able to just go out and drive around. There are so many places (and other times in history) that cruising lonely roads is just down right dangerous. Brigands, bandits, marauding Visigoths... oh my!

There are dangers in what we are doing, but are we likely to be stopped on the road by a group of assault rifle toting mugs of questionable allegiance or authority? I am reminded of the tales I have heard of white knuckled rides through countries where chaos rules and a road block is to be feared. We are fortunate to have this chance, and it is hard for me to absorb the degree of our fortune.


  1. Most likely, the worst thing you'll come across is overheated-car on the road-shoulder butt-crack and then swarms of mosquitos.

  2. i am greatly enjoying reading about your adventures. definitely gives me the itch to travel out west.

  3. Be safe. And please, please keep up the posts.



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