Saturday, May 29, 2010

pop! go the a-go-gos

apparently, there is a lot of old route 66 that snakes through oklahoma. while it may not be what it used to it's nice to discover that some people so enjoy the legend of the road that they build new tourist traps for you visit. new tourist traps that involve enormous light up bottles and are called pops.pops boasts over 500 kinds of soda. while i am a big fan of the magic of fizzy bubbles, it was the organization by color that drew me in to this roadside soda stand. they even had an entire cold case of ginger ale. the orange pop however was much more colorful so i of course took pictures of it.we met up with my nephew and his girlfriend and an old friend and her family. it had been eleven years since i had last seen her and her man and this time around there were wee ones to welcome.

milkshakes, malts and other snacky bits were ordered. coloring was attended to and my niece took advantage of the vast lawn out back to run around and practice her cartwheels.we took advantage of the vast lawn out back and set up the old rebel for some family jump shots. we even managed one with each one of us air born. go-go a-go-go family! the sun was just beginning to set when we finally gave our table back to the wait-staff and wandered out front to view pops enormous light up soda bottle. you could see that it changed colors but it was still a leetle too light to admire it.we stuck around for another half hour or so and i snap, snap, snapped away at all the happy neon. we posed for pics, ran around the bottle and enjoyed more conversation which included making plans to visit the paseo arts festival the next see more pics of the light up bottle and all our jump shots, check out the pops set on flickr.


  1. Pops sounds like heaven on Earth to me... don't suppose they had any grape soda? Be safe.



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