Wednesday, May 26, 2010

fun in frisco

that is texas folks, not the san fran of california.

on our way out of austin towards oklahoma city, we stopped for an overnight visit with an old highschool friend and her family.they made up the bed complete with happy garland...and a welcome sign...and cameras...we had a snacky dinner that now has me pining for such snacks on the road and then we hit up the sno-cone lady for some icy cold goodness...and rock gathering.that evening we played the ukes accompanied by recorder and drum. in the morning we had pancakes, played go fish and did a school drop off. the visit was far too short but since we were on the BIG road trip, it was time to head out. next stop, oklahoma!

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  1. Probably should have come here first, so I hope you will ignore the ignorant comment on Mrs. A-Go-Go's blog.... Texas!?! Who knew they had a Frisco too? Reaally should pay more attention in geography. Be safe.



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