Monday, May 17, 2010

red rocks, a whole lot of red rocks!

Thursday opened with an overcast sky that kept mrs. a-go-go from making her favorite red-rock-against-blue-sky-with-puffy-clouds photographs. On the plus side the overcast kept the temperature mild. After a lazy breakfast we drove down Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona for a Circle K stop for bananas, water, and a Red Rock Pass.
The pass allowed us to park legally at Midgely Bridgley for a hike to Wilson Canyon where we took some time along the trail to stage photos for one of mrs. a-go-go’s side projects. The trickling creek was loaded with tadpoles and the canyon is probably ridiculously picturesque when there is more water.

Back at the trail head we took advantage of the covered picnic tables provided by the park service for an early lunch and watched some heedless youngsters trample the vegetation off the trail to pose for a romantic photo with a red rose (until the young lady tripped and the rose itself was liberated from its thorny stem). Our legs were hiked out for the day so it was in to town to seek out some free wi-fi. The Starbucks oddly enough didn’t have what we were after so we just used their electricity to write a few posts for later and do some craft projects (about three hours worth).

The late afternoon was spent peering at the wild array of colorful unidentified birds along Oak Creek near stink butt campground. After touring the creek side reservation only sties we figured that was the place to camp if we ever return to Sedona (but only if we couldn’t get into Manzanita).The sun dropped behind the high walls of the canyon early, so it was time to make dinner and then to sit reading by headlamp until a reasonable bedtime.

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